Version 5.5.1

January 2010

Version 5.5.0 released June 2009

Localized Language Version Available

TopRank 5.5 is now available in six languages : English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Analysis of Password Protected Sheets

TopRank now allows you to analyze worksheets that have been password protected in Excel.  When you first analyze such a worksheet, you will be asked to supply TopRank with the password which it will encrypt and store so you are not repeatedly asked for it.

Loading Other DecisionTools Suite Add-ins

A new menu item in the Utilities menu allows you to load other Palisade DecisionTools products from within TopRank.

TopRank Now Appears in Excel's Add-in List

You have always been allowed to add TopRank's add-in (TopRank.xla) to the Excel add-ins list so it will automatically load every time Excel starts.  However, this process was difficult because it required you to browse for the correct file.  Now, TopRank will automatically appear in the add-ins list (unchecked) the first time you launch it, making it easier to access.

A Selection of Significant Maintenance Fixes

5820 Changing outputs in Report Settings dialog with report workbook open generates error.

5826 Error generated when running analysis after changing workbook name.

5964 F1 key does not bring up help file in all dialogs.

5979 Model window does not always display minimum values of zero for RiskVaryTable function.

6352 F1 key brings up Excel help file instead of TopRank help file.

6367 Unable to clear TopRank data from certain models.