Version 7.0.1

Users of any of the DecisionTools Suite products will be notified automatically of any updated releases with a pop up message that once clicked will open a dialog window with a variety of options to update the software. You can also check for available updates by clicking on Help>Check for Software Updates in the StatTools ribbon.

Build #393 - February 10, 2016

*** A Selection of Significant Maintenance Fixes ***

11479  Incorrect values are shown when there are missing values in Regression Analysis.

12084  Obsolete license blocks license manager from being displayed.

12144  F criterion is not working correctly when using Stepwise Regression.

12153  Unexpected Stepwise Regression order of entry.

12164  Cluster Analysis dendogram chart not displaying all labels.

12196  Removing variable marked as “fixed” causes error "Object Variable or With block variable not set" upon running Regression Analysis command.

12227  Manually installed license file not automatically found.