Version 5.5.0

May 2009

Version 5.0.0 released May 2008

Selecting Multiple Variables

In the variable selections grid, right-clicking on a column that allows multiple variable selections brings up a popup menu with Select All / Deselect All commands.


After some graphing issues were addressed in Excel 2007 Service Release 1, it became possible to improve some StatTools graphs:

(1) Q-Q Normal Plot no longer generates a utility table with data to be displayed in the graph.

(2) The data to be shown in scatter plots is filtered by StatTools to improve the behavior of the plots when the data includes non-numeric data or errors.


StatMode function was added, and mode statistic was added to One-Variable Summary analysis.

Maintenance Fixes

2308 Box-Whisker Plot is sometimes called Box Plot

2325 Using the Data Utilities near the end of the spreadsheet causes run-time error 424

3955 Regression displays result code -10002 and Overflow message

3970 Run-time error 1004 when drawing some Box-Whisker Plots with non-English regional settings and Excel 2007

3975 Error 49 when using data utility on dataset that will be bigger then avialable worksheet

4028 VB Overflow error when running weekly forecast using Winter's method

4029 Forecasting: seasonal indices do not average to 1.0

4304 Incomplete data gives inaccurate multicollinearity message

4955 Can't create report using Application Settings - Placement - After Last Used Column on a worksheet with a pivot table

4957 Reports in Excel 2007 are ignoring currency from original workbook and using local currency from regional settings

5116 Wrong currency in reports with Chi-square test and Spanish regional settings

5500 Box-Whisker Plot key gets deleted