Version 6.0.0

June 2012

New Examples

StatTools 6.0 includes a completely revised set of example files, designed and written by leading MBA professor and author Dr. Chris Albright of Indiana University.  Each example includes plain-language descriptions, and may be edited to suit your situation.

New Video Tutorials

New video tutorials have also been added by Dr. Albright.  A new, interactive Quick Start tutorial shows new users how to build and understand a simple optimization model in less than 30 minutes.  In addition, other video tutorial resources have been developed to help experienced users get the most out of their software.

New License Manager

A new License Manager has been created to help you view your license information, activate software you have purchased, help you move licenses from one machine to another, and perform other related tasks.

Matrix of Scatter Plots

A matrix of scatter plots can be created, by selecting the same set of variables in the X and Y columns in the analysis dialog.

Scatter Plots Colored Based on Category Variable

Points in a scatter plot can be colored based on a category variable.  For example, "Gender" variable can be selected as the category variable, and in the plot points corresponding to males and females will be shown in different colors.

Spearman Rank-Order Correlations Added

The option to obtain Spearman rank-order correlations has been added to the Correlation and Covariance analysis.

Licensing Changes

Ability to Select From Multiple Software Licenses

In some cases, you may have more than one license for a Palisade product.  For example, if you are both employed by a company that gave you a professional license, but also have a student license from a university you attend, there is more than one possible license that could be used.  In version 5.x you were given no choice in this matter; the software would choose one of the licenses for you and proceed to run.  In version 6.x, the Activate License Dialog now allows you to look at all your existing licenses, and choose which one to use.

Improved Support for SSD Installations

New licensing capabilities ease installation and licensing when SSD drives are used.