Version 7.6.0

Users of any of the DecisionTools Suite products will be notified automatically of any updated releases with a pop-up message that once clicked will open a dialog window with a variety of options to update the software. You can also check for available updates by clicking on Help>Check for Software Updates in the @RISK ribbon.

Build #35 - October, 2018

Changes of Note

  • Support for Excel 2019: Palisade continues to keep pace with Microsoft Excel's version updates by seeing to it that our software is compatible with their latest version of Excel.
  • Improved support for Multiple Monitors: With more and more of our users utilizing multiple monitors in their day-to-day tasks, we have improved the way our products interact with multiple monitors and various DPI settings.
  • Added product telemetry for all DecisionTools Suite products: To improve future software releases, Palisade has included the ability to detect how you are using this product. Usage data is anonymous and includes basic information about your computer's environment (e.g. OS version, Office version, system language) as well as some statistics about which features of the product you are using (e.g. commands clicked, function types used, number of iterations performed). You can find out more information in the software's readme file, accessible from the Help>Documentation menu. The user can choose to opt in or opt out of this at any time by choosing the Usage Reporting item from the Help menu.

*** A Selection of Significant Maintenance Fixes ***

12855 – Correcting inconsistent copula matrices results in NaN values.

12862 – Edit and Export button is not working in the Simulated Correlations Window.

12870 – Improved simulation initialization time for @RISK for Project.

12906 – Correlation tab of Model Window shows wrong dimension for matrices.

12907 – Simulation Settings Dialog help button shows wrong section of help.

12944 – @RISK for Project does not respect Operation Mode setting.

12956 – Import .MPP File operation sometimes overwrites incorrect workbook.

12971 – Error when inserting @RISK function in Excel 2019.

12977 – Improved some performance issues with 64-bit @RISK for Project.

12983 – RiskFitDistribution function not available in German.

12986 – Browse Window sometimes goes blank in Excel 2019.

13032 – Improved support for multiple monitors with different DPI settings.

13034 – “Excel ran out of resources while attempting to calculate one or more formulas” message when closing workbook in Excel 2019 64-bit.

13039 – Busy cursor displaying inappropriately.