Version 7.5.1

Users of any of the DecisionTools Suite products will be notified automatically of any updated releases with a pop up message that once clicked will open a dialog window with a variety of options to update the software. You can also check for available updates by clicking on Help>Check for Software Updates in the @RISK ribbon.

Build #146 - October 24, 2016

*** A Selection of Significant Maintenance Fixes ***

12689   Question Mark in Automatic Input Name Causes Problems

12681   Unable to enter custom correlation adjustment weights in interface.

12678   @RISK turns Excel Start screen back on, when it was set to off by group policy.

12674   Advanced Sensitivity Analysis fails with 'Method '~' of object '~' failed' with non-English Windows regional settings.

12667   Run-time error in trying to change contribution to variance bar display default in application settings dialog.

12666   Use of InkEd.dll system utility causing trouble on some machine configurations

12664   Multi-CPU RISKOptimizer runs don't stop on progress stopping condition.

12657   Multi-CPU RISKOptimizer runs don't stop on target value.

12647   Report in Excel causes Fit Results Window to go behind Excel window.

12639   Memory issues running simulation with a very large number of iterations in 64-bit Excel.

12636   Define Distribution window updating can be very slow.

12635   Problems setting alternate parameter defaults in some non-US/English locales.

12634   Results not reproducible in multi-CPU optimizations.

12632   Update Project Filters in @RISK doesn't restore tasks in Excel after filter deleted.

12629   Personal Macro Workbook (PERSONAL.XLSB) interferes with .MPP file import.

12628   Chart in Excel graphs are missing delimiter bars and some delimiter values in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010.

12617   Log file grows unacceptably big during RISKOptimizer run.

12614   Tab key doesn't switch between outputs, or requires two presses.

12610   #VALUE error returned by RiskGeneral distribution due to round-off issues.

12606   Error when starting optimization using efficient frontier, multiple CPUs, and additional constraints.

12598   Log-scaling of graph fails in rare circumstances.

12594   Define Filters dialog will not let you enter values/percentages directly

12589   Time-Series Batch Fit fails when using “After Last Used Column” or “Query for Starting Cell” options.

12588   XDK call ApplicationSettings::ApplyNow can fail on single core machine when changing CPU modes.

12587   Unable to change @RISK for Project category names.

12582   Ties in copula fitting data not resolved correctly.

12349   Progress indicator needed for large correlation correction weight matrix