Version 7.0.0

Users of any of the DecisionTools Suite products will be notified automatically of any updated releases with a pop up message that once clicked will open a dialog window with a variety of options to update the software. You can also check for available updates by clicking on Help>Check for Software Updates in the @RISK ribbon.

Updated Release - August 13, 2015 - Build #289

Deployment of Network licenses

@RISK version 7 is available as a network license. For more information please contact your Sales Representative, or email

Deployment of Course Licenses

@RISK version 7 is available as a course license. For more information please contact your Sales Representative, or email

Support for Extended Trial Licenses

If a user has the initial version 7 release (Build #281) of any of the DecisionTools Suite they will be unable to receive an extension code to extend the trial past the standard 15-day trial, without updating to build #289. If the trial has already expired the user will need to download the latest installer from the Palisade website and then enter the code provided by your Palisade representative.

Original Release - July 31, 2015 - Build #281

For more details on the following enhancements please visit

Correlation Using Copulas

Copulas offer an alternative method of correlating two or more @RISK input distributions, offering you more flexibility in what correlation patterns are produced during a simulation.

Data Viewer

The @RISK Data Viewer provides a convenient interface for looking at the statistical properties of any set of Excel data using familiar @RISK graphs and tables.

RISKOptimizer Efficient Frontier Analysis

An efficient frontier analysis allows you to investigate the effects of a variable constraint on your optimization models.

RISKOptimizer Efficient Frontier Analysis

Custom Reports

@RISK custom reports allow you to quickly create attractive, comprehensive reports that show exactly the information you want.

Thumbnail Graphs

Thumbnail graphs offer a quick, graphical view of the inputs and outputs directly in your spreadsheet model.

Other Changes of Note

  • Requires Excel 2007 or Higher: @RISK now requires Excel 2007 or higher.  Excel 2003, or earlier versions, are no longer supported.
  • Improved Support for High-DPI Monitors: High-resolution monitors require special Windows settings that scale up the size of text and some elements of dialogs; otherwise, those items would be too small. Compatibility with this setup has been improved.
  • Reports in PDF Format: @RISK reports can now be written in Portable Document Format (PDF).
  • New Layout of RISKOptimizer Constraint Settings Dialog: The RISKOptimizer Constraint Settings dialog has been modified to make it easier and faster to specify the most frequently used settings.
  • Mini-Toolbar Replaced with Right-Click Context Menu: The @RISK Mini-Toolbar has been replaced with a more complete and descriptive right-click context menu.
  • Checkboxes in RISKOptimizer Model Dialog: Adjustable cell ranges and constraints can be de-activated and activated easily using checkboxes, to make it easy to experiment with different optimization setups.
  • Random Number Generator Options Added to Application Settings Dialog: You can now specify defaults for the random number generation options in the @RISK Application Settings dialog.
  • Average Log-Likelihood Fit Statistic: The average log-likelihood statistics (Av. LogL) is now included in the fitting report of the Fit Results Window.
  • Discrete Probability Distribution Graphs: The Y-axis of discrete probability distribution graphs are now displayed using percentages instead of decimals.
  • Fit Results Window Can Be Minimized
  • Maximum Number of Data Points in Scatter Plot Increased to 1,048,576: This value matches the number of rows in Excel

*** A Selection of Significant Maintenance Fixes ***

11064 Protected Workbook dialog sometimes is displayed behind Excel 2013.

11090 Linking to .MPP file can fail if Excel workbook contains chart sheets.

11132 Chart in Excel crashes when “Number of Delimiters” option is set to zero.

11147 RiskCurrentSim function not always returning correct value.

11168 Incorrect description of 'a' and 'b' parameters for JohnsonSB distribution function.

11169 Goal Seek analysis with date values causes validation error.

11174 Added warning message indicating that Excel’s "Disable all Application Add-ins" option prevents multiple-CPU simulations from being run.

11204 Unable to import inputs from MPP file created in @RISK for Project v4 for some models.

11213 “Walkthrough mode” of @RISK Data Window gives incorrect error message if input data was not collected.

11215 Tick labels cut off in histogram graphs.

11225 Copied graphs put in clipboard in both metafile and bitmap formats.

11232 @RISK Clear Data command not clearing Advanced Tools settings.

11239 @RISK uses single CPU when it should use multiple.

11242 Probabilistic calendar gets dates wrong with UK/English regional settings.

11244 Probabilistic calendars cause MS Project to flicker for a long time at the end of a simulation.

11264 Odd message, “The formula ‘formula’ could not be correctly parsed.”

11294 Color Cells option interferes with Excel's undo capabilities.

11332 Multiple simulations use same seed for severity in RiskCompound, ignoring “Multiple simulations use different seeds” option.

11342 Precedents are not properly traced through RiskProject functions.

11357 @RISK for Project "Check engine" says accelerated engine OK, but simulation uses standard engine.

11390 The “pipe symbol” list separator ‘|’ prevents @RISK from running properly.  @RISK will now check this when the product launches.

11423 Batch fit results table not sorted.

11458 Cell formula erased by simulation if table reference name contains ‘#’ character.

11510 Color cells dialog “Cancel” button not working correctly.

11533 Excel error "The specified dimension is not valid for the current chart type" when user has changed default Excel chart type to a complex chart type.

11557 Alternate parameter name of “m.likely” (without space) now allowed as alternative to “m. likely) (with space).

11576 Batch fit shows "Exception of type PalIndexOutOfRange” error message.

11583 @RISK for Project returns different results depending if “Show Excel recalculations" setting is checked.