Version 5.0.1

April 2008

Fitting From Output Results Graph

It is now much easier to fit output results by clicking on the new fit button at the bottom of an output graph window.

Multiple CPU Option in Demo Mode

If the Multiple CPU option was selected and the automation results display was set to 'Demo' mode, @RISK would freeze Excel.  This behavior has been blocked.  Multiple CPUs are no longer allowed to be used in Demo mode.

@RISK Information not Loaded When Update Links dialog displayed

When opening an Excel spreadsheet that displays the Update Links dialog, @RISK settings, results, and fitting information were not properly loaded.  This has been fixed.

Enable Smart Sensitivity Analysis Option Added

Both the Simulation Settings dialog and the Application Settings dialog now have an option to enable or disable @RISK 5.0's new 'Smart Sensitivity Analysis'.  If this option is enabled, at the beginning of each simulation @RISK will scan your model's structure to determine which outputs depend on which inputs.  This process is called precedence tracing.  Later, when you perform sensitivity analysis on the results of this model, only those inputs which have a functional relationship with the output will be included in the results.  @RISK 5.0.0 always had this option enabled.  @RISK 5.0.1 now lets you turn the option off if you want to mimic the way @RISK 4.0/4.5 performed sensitivity analysis.

A Selection of Significant Maintenance Fixes

3047 Parsing error when SUMPRODUCT range boundary has parentheses.

3051 Saving File in English Regional Settings with simulation data, then opening @RISK in German Regional Settings causes crash.

3057 RiskProgress Window crash after hitting Cancel on Linked Fit and stop on progress window window after running simulation.

3063 Mutli-Simulation Run yields graphs with wrong total and error sample counts.

3070 Problem with updating of FitLink Progress Windows.

3114 Using German Regional Settings: run a simulation, open and close Model Window, re-reun the simulation  Then Add Results to Library does nothing.

3160 RiskTheoMin and RiskTheoMode incorrect for RiskPearson5 when first argument is less than one.

3171 Two last items in the Define Distribution under the library category do not have a bitmap thumbnail.

3219 Manual activation, then close, then automatic activation causes error.

3230 Quick Report does not fit on one page in Chinese Office and Excel 2003.

3239 Advanced Analyses graph watermarks have extra "box" character in Spanish Windows trial version.

3289 Course license version has different serial numbers on Help and License Activation screens.

3383 Demo mode with multiple CPU freezes Excel.

3449 @RISK and Excel crash in simulation for particular model.

3482 Extra template sheet created.

3546 Open @RISK model window crashes Excel with a particular model.

3548 Stress Analysis comparison graphs missing %difference plot values.

3637 Excel crashes when chart exported and workbook is saved.

3638 Graphs always print to default printer, regardless of selected printer.

3641 Parsing Error with particular model.

3644 Bars outside delimiters don't always print correctly.

3653 Outputs and inputs not found, "could not be parsed" error in particular model.

3697 Issues with placement of delimiter labels using RiskResultsGraph in Excel native format and Excel 2007.