Version 5.5.1

January 2010

Merged RISKOptimizer/@RISK Ribbon

To better support the integration of @RISK and RISKOptimizer, the two products can use a "merged" Ribbon in Excel 2007 or above.  This can be turned off in @RISK's Application Settings dialog.

Simulation of Password Protected Sheets

@RISK now allows you to simulate worksheets that have been password protected in Excel.  When you first simulate such a worksheet, you will be asked to supply @RISK with the password which it will encrypt and store so you are not repeatedly asked for it.

Loading Other DecisionTools Suite Add-ins

A new menu item in the Utilities menu allows you to load other Palisade DecisionTools products from within @RISK.

@RISK Now Appears in Excel's Add-in List

You have always been allowed to add @RISK's add-in (Risk.xla) to the Excel add-ins list so it will automatically load every time Excel starts.  However, this process was difficult because it required you to browse for the correct file.  Now, @RISK will automatically appear in the add-ins list (unchecked) the first time you launch it, making it easier to access.

Language Switching Does Not Require Administrator Permissions

If you have installed more than one language version of @RISK on a machine, you can now switch the active language (via the Application Settings) even if you do not have administrator rights.

New @RISK VBA Control Methods

The new RiskResultsGraph method of the RiskSimResultsCollection object allows you to make graphs with the same syntax as the RiskResultsGraph Excel function.

A Selection of Significant Maintenance Fixes

5484 Inputs in date format are not swapped out correctly.

5776 RiskCurrentIter() and RiskCurrentSim() functions return zero when data window "Footprint Mode" is activated.

5784 RiskSixSigma property function with missing target parameter causes output graph to not be drawn.

5789 Launching @RISK with Euro-Currency Tool add-in loaded causes run-time error.

5804 Lowest data-point not being displayed correctly in some histograms of fitted input data.

5835 LognormAlt fails to converge with unusual parameterization.

5861 Histogram Minimum and Maximum options in Graph Options dialog now support dates.

5871 Trouble overlaying discrete distributions with Spanish regional settings.

5932 Advanced Sensitivity Analysis fails when only Quick Report option is selected.

6213 RiskAutoVary function simulating incorrectly with multiple CPUs option.

6224 Non-integral percentiles not stored properly in Results Window for non-US/English regional settings.

6269 RiskTruncate with missing second argument fails to calculate properly when data window "Footprint Mode" is activated.

6366 After running a simulation, your are prompted to save changes to Excel's Personal Macro workbook when shutting down Excel.