Version 5.7.0

September 2010

Support for 64-bit Excel

Starting with version 5.7, @RISK is compatible with the 64-bit version of Microsoft Excel.  The “Insert Function Graph Window” feature is not available in 64-bit.

Support for Simplified Chinese

Starting with version 5.7 @RISK is available in Simplified Chinese.

Batch Fit Macro Example

A new example model, called BatchFitMacro.xls, is now available (English language only) to demonstrate both the flexibility of the @RISK Developer’s Kit and the ability to perform a large number of fits quickly and easily.

Graphing Display Improvements

@RISK graphs have been improved to handle percentage and currency number formats more smoothly.  The fonts in the graphs now, by default, automatically scale in size based on the size of the graphing window.

A Selection of Significant Maintenance Fixes

7020 Installer ignoring custom destination path.

7052 Triangular distributions with large maximum truncation limits have incorrect theoretical statistics.

7059 PrecisionTree models should not be allowed to simulate using multiple CPUs.

7060 Quick Report tornado graph lose currency formatting.

7077 Advanced Sensitivity Analysis base-value calculations incorrect when output not on active sheet.

7080 Define Distribution window gives incorrect default distribution for cell containing DATE function.

7111 Summary Box-Plot native graph different from Excel chart.

7146 Incorrect RiskTheoMean calculation for RiskCompound distribution.

7147 Multiple CPU option causes errors in some correlated distributions.

7158 Cannot browse results in merged cells.

7162 Saving file after clearing settings erroneously resaves settings in file.

7164 Distributions in cells with hidden formulas not being found by @RISK.

7237 Application switching Excel calculation to manual.

7271 Output names with combined references not working in some cases.

7284 “Multiple Simulations Use Different Seeds” option combined with fixed seed can cause change in first simulation results.

7341 Using output name as parameter to statistic function can cause problems when simulating.