Version 6.1.0/6.1.1

Version 6.1.0 was a Preview Release (December 2012)

Version 6.1.1 was an Official Release (February 2013)

Support for Windows 8 and Excel 2013

The software has been made compatible with the latest Excel and Windows releases.

International Language Support

Version 6.x software now has been localized for Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.  

Note: The documentation and example files, however, are only available in English.  Localized versions of these resources will be made available in Version 6.1.2.

Accelerated @RISK for Project Engine

The @RISK for Project feature has a new accelerated simulation engine that can increase the speed of many models by a significant factor (x10 in many cases).

Support for 64-Bit Project

In previous versions, the @RISK for Project feature was only available for 32-bit versions of Microsoft Project 6.1 adds support for the 64-bit versions of Project 2010 and 2013.

Other Changes of Note

@RISK Ribbon Automatically Activated

When the product boots, the @RISK ribbon will be automatically activated.

Improved Mini-Toolbar

The @RISK Mini-Toolbar is now associated with the right-click context menu that appears when you right-click on an Excel range.  Previously it required you to click and hold the left mouse button.  This feature can be turned on or off in the @RISK Application Settings dialog.

Workbook Setting to Control Maximum Iterations for “Automatic” Mode

If the number of iterations in a model is set to automatic, @RISK runs a simulation until the whatever convergence criteria you have specified are reached up to a limit of 50,000 iterations.  In very complicated models, however, this upper limit may not be adequate.  You can now add a workbook name called “RiskMaxItersForAutoStop” and set it to a numerical value, setting a different maximum.

New @RISK Functions

  • RiskProjectResourceAdd  allows you to add a new resource to a project task during a simulation.
  • RiskProjectResourceRemove  allows you to remove a resource from a project task during a simulation.
  • RiskSensitivityStatChange  allows you to calculate “stat change” style sensitivities directly from your spreadsheet.

Specification of Tornado Baseline

You now have the ability to change the baseline of a “change in statistic” tornado graph to be the current cell value in the output’s cell instead of the mean value of that statistic.  This is specified in the tornado graph’s options dialog.

A Selection of Significant Maintenance Fixes

9875 Swapping functions not working correctly when both @RISK and TopRank are running.

9937 Time-series defined with very long name causes Excel to hang.

9946 Macro not executed when iterations set to ‘auto’.

9958 Problems adding long functions to @RISK library.

9960 Improved handling of fixed values in “Change in Statistic Tornado”.

9962 Time-series results not displayed correctly for files containing an apostrophe.

9985 Hidden protected sheets prevent simulation from running.

10006 RiskTheoMean function returning incorrect value for RiskVary function.

10112 "Not enough system resources to display completely" error with some models and Color Cells turned on.

10117 BatchFit live reports incorrectly calculating correlations when fit data contain blanks.

10180 Gantt chart not shown correctly if time scale is set to years.