Version 6.2.0

September 2013

Russian Language Support

Version 6.2 software now is localized for Russian, in addition to the previously available English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.  

Note: Only the Russian software and a subset of the examples have been localized.  Help files and other documentation files are not available in Russian at this time.

New XDK Functionality and Documentation

The @RISK Excel Developer’s Kit (XDK), which allows you to automate and customize @RISK within Excel using Excel’s built-in VBA programming language, has been updated to include new functionality for the automation of @RISK graphs and simulation filters as well as several additional minor improvements. In addition, it includes a new “Automation Guide” and a large number of new examples to help you get started using this powerful @RISK feature.

Note: The XDK requires the Professional or Industrial version of @RISK.

Log-Scaled Graphs

The @RISK graphics engine now has the ability to display graphs using logarithmically scaled axes.

Other Changes of Note

@RISK Library Supports Remote SQL Databases without SQL Express Installed Locally

Previous versions of @RISK required SQL Server Express to be installed locally, even to make access to a remote SQL database.  This is no longer required.

Simulation Startup Time Improved for @RISK for Project Models

The amount of startup time required to initialize a simulation for @RISK for Project models has been dramatically improved for most models.  The improvement is most significant for large models with many tasks.

New Simulation Setting: “Show Simulation Progress Window”

This setting allows you to show or hide the progress window that normally appears during a simulation.

New Simulation Setting: “Default Simulation Number”

This setting allows you to control what simulation number is used (in cases where one is not explicitly specified) in @RISK functions.  This setting only matters (and is only shown in the simulation settings dialog) in situations where you are running more than one simulation.

New Simulation Setting: “Excel Recalculations during Macros”

This setting allows you to control how @RISK distribution functions handle recalculations that occur inside macros.

Relative Frequency Histograms

The Y-axis of relative frequency histograms are now displayed using percentages instead of decimals.

Summary Graph Tick Labels

You can now format the x-axis of summary graphs to display months and/or years.  Previously only month labels were allowed.

Check for Software Updates

This feature has been streamlined to no longer use the “FlexConnect” utility.

Support for IPv6

The Palisade licensing system now has support for networks running IPv6.

Localized Palisade Server Manager

The Palisade Server Manager, which is a utility for managing concurrent or enterprise licenses of Palisade software, can now be installed in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.

Controlling the Maximum Number of Cores

A new simulation setting that is not visible in the @RISK user interface has been added to allow control over the maximum number of cores used with the multiple CPU option.  To use this setting, create a defined name in your simulation workbook called “_AtRisk_SimSetting_MaxCores” and set its value to the maximum number of cores you wish to allow.  Note: If more than one workbook is open with different values for this name, the minimum of the values will actually be used.

OptQuest optimization engine upgraded

The OptQuest optimization engine was upgraded to version  As a result RISKOptimizer issues #10418 and #10676 were fixed.

A Selection of Significant Maintenance Fixes

10343 Enterprise network license incorrectly uses additional license when reinstalled on same machine.

10418 RISKOptimizer optimizations could get non-responsive, if there were many linear constraints and many integer or discrete adjustable cells.

10540 Inappropriate errors when INDIRECT function used with @RISK for Project functions.

10542 Reports show incorrect distribution type for cells containing multiple distributions.

10546 Time series chart using months as x-axis labels do not correctly display in Chart in Excel.

10544 First RISKOptimizer trial was sometimes declared invalid incorrectly.

10550 Specific model configuration causes @RISK for Project to freeze on opening file.

10560 Specific large project freezes @RISK for Project after simulation is completed.

10566 RiskLognormAlt with “loc”, “mu”, and a single percentile parameter can jump between two equally valid solutions.  Now the solution with the smaller variance is always chosen.

10571   Simulation Data Excel report is missing input names.

10583 Workbook with strange characters in file name causes correlation adjustment weight matrix to be ignored.

10585 "Microsoft Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE operation” displayed repeatedly when performing @RISK for Project audit.

10589 Currency formatting in RISKOptimizer’s Optimization Summary was sometimes inappropriate.

10608 Percentage formatting not used correctly in Chart in Excel graphs.

10627 Multiple simulation runs always show theoretical overlays for the first simulation in input graphs.

10634 RiskPertAlt with two percentile parameters and most likely parameter can sometimes fail when the most likely is the same value as one of the percentiles.

10635   Some RiskResultsGraphs appear slightly blurry in Excel 2013.

10646 Goal Seek does not handle dates properly if using German regional settings.

10651 XDK function Risk.WriteWorkbookInformation fails writing external file.

10655 Improved fitting of Gamma distributions with shape parameters less than 1.

10659 Odd error message "Arg 1 has flag 0001" when monitoring convergence of a percentile.

10675 Chart in Excel of Results Graph sometimes freezes Excel if Color Cells option is turned on.

10676 During a RISKOptimizer optimization with the Order solving method, optimization sometimes stopped before all the possible orderings were tried.

10677 During a RiskOptimizer optimization of a PrecisionTree linked model, @RISK can return incorrect results for statistic functions.

10684   Clearing @RISK data from a workbook can show spurious error message "@RISK for Project feature not available.”

10700 Convergence monitoring of standard deviation running more iterations than necessary for specified convergence tolerance.