Version 6.2.1

March 2014

A Selection of Significant Maintenance Fixes

10397 Mini-toolbar not appearing correctly in “Non-Aero” mode displays.

10830 Resource name is converted to formula after running a simulation using Probabilistic Branching.

10831 Smart Sensitivity Analysis misses inputs on Resources sheet.

10835 Theoretical statistics and graph of RiskCompound function not always correctly displayed.

10840 RiskProjectAddDelay uses project calendar instead of task calendar.

10859 Unable to review RiskFitDistribution function in complicated formula.

10865 Theoretical graph and statistic of the RiskVary function using wrong default if distribution parameter not specified.

10868 FitDistribution function returning different results from regular interface fitting for very small amounts of data.

10871 Filters not applied to spreadsheet function statistics.

10877 Critical index calculations return nonsensical results for particular model and large number of iterations.

10901 Smart Sensitivity Analysis misses inputs in linked subproject.

10926 @RISK incompatible with CapIQ addin.