Version 6.3.0

June 2014

A Selection of Significant Maintenance Fixes

10777 Template report puts up message asking to change simulation settings.

10933 Excel report causes Personal workbooks to be shown in Excel interface

10938 RISKOptimizer: the information in the "Goal Cell Statistics" section of the log was incorrect.

10942RISKOptimizer: optimizations with probabilistic constraints did not make any progress if the Genetic Algorithm was used as the optimization engine.

10949 Optimizations fail to run in certain non-US/English Excel configurations.

10948 Relative frequency histogram will sometimes omit data points that are in the right-most histogram bin boundary.

10960 XDK function GraphSummary restricts number of graph results to 10.

10961 Optimization results incorrectly state that there were errors in certain models.

10962 Improvements made to memory management in 64-bit, multiple CPU simulations.

10963 Personal Macro workbooks asking to save changes when Color Cells feature turned on.

10972 Statistic functions sometimes return errors when used in Project schedules.

10976 #REF! error appears in a Quick Report.

10980 Excel 2013 not working well with Color Cells feature.

10982 Nested RiskCompound functions crash Excel.

11016 Scatter plots in non-English versions sometimes contain English in legends.

11019 xScale factor not working correctly in RiskResultsGraph function when default setting overridden in Application Settings.

11035 Distribution fitting ignores a fixed mean of zero for the Normal distribution.

11042 RiskTruncate property function is not working correctly using the RiskRayleigh and RiskBetaSubj distributions.

11045 RiskTheoMean function not correct for RiskJohnsonMoments distribution with additional RiskShift property function.