Version 6.3.1

September 2014

A Selection of Significant Maintenance Fixes

10203 Leading exclamation point in defined name causes “Found invalid formula” message.

10880 Spurious “not self-consistent” messages generated when using multiple RiskIndepC functions.

11033 @ character in structured references not recognized in Smart Sensitivity Analysis.

11080 'Type Mismatch' when using multiple CPUs and TopRank is selected as a startup Add-In.

11083 RiskCompound with a severity distribution that is a RiskSplice function causes errors.

11085 ‘Minimize Excel at Start of Simulation’ option is not working in Excel 2010 and below.

11086 Simulation results don’t match theoretical values when using a RiskTruncate function with references to empty cells.

11104 Fitting RiskLevy using RiskFitDistribution function doesn’t respect fixed lower bound.

11108 Discrete fits using RiskFitDistribution function differ slightly from fit down in normal interface with small sample size.

11109 Scatterplot shown in the ‘Define Correlation’ window is incorrect for large correlation coefficients.

11124 VBA Macro warning displayed even if macros are enabled via a Group Policy.

11126 Certain models with error values can have formulas modified if @RISK is loaded after model is loaded.

11153 Spurious ‘Not enough memory to run simulation’ message is shown in 6.3.0.