Version 5.7.1

June 2011

Maximum Number of Data Points in Fits

The maximum number of data points in a fit has been increased to 10 million.

A Selection of Significant Maintenance Fixes

7637 Graphs using Chinese currency display incorrect currency symbol.

7749 Linked fits ranked using A-D statistics instead use Chi-Sq statistic.

7754 Example models opened via welcome screen may have incorrect simulation settings.

7757 Errors in RiskTheo functions in 64-bit Excel 2010.

7760 Setting Risk.DisplayAlerts off suppresses some dialogs permanently, even when it is turned back on.

7768 Statistics functions referencing cell by name fail in Russian locale.

7783 RiskSensitivity function with analysisType of correlation doesn't return correct returnValueType

7806 During manual (F9) recalc, multiple distributions will sometimes return same sample values in 64 bit Excel 2010.

7847 Macro control calls for advanced tools fail in 64-bit Excel 2010.

7912 Distribution artist window fails to recognize RiskDuniform functions.

8030 Problems displaying dates in detailed statistics and data windows with discrete distributions in German regional settings.

8040 Simulation results saved to truncated file name in some cases.