Version 7.6.1

Users of any of the DecisionTools Suite products will be notified automatically of any updated releases with a pop-up message that once clicked will open a dialog window with a variety of options to update the software. You can also check for available updates by clicking on Help>Check for Software Updates in the @RISK ribbon.

September 2019

Changes of Note

  • Excel Dynamic Arrays: Microsoft recently introduced new functionality in Excel called "Excel Dynamic Arrays" which allow functions that return arrays to "spill" their results into nearby empty cells.  This new functionality, unfortunately, was not compatible with how @RISK functions work.  Palisade has fixed this problem.
  • Support for Windows Security Updates: A set of windows security updates in mid August 2019 caused the message "Invalid procedure call or argument" to occur.  Palisade has worked around the issue.

*** A Selection of Significant Maintenance Fixes *** 

13092 - Microsoft introduced a security fix that broke the Chart in Excel functionality.  Palisade has worked around the issue.

13079 - Problem with filtering fitted data sets.

Unnumbered - In some cases multiple CPU simulations would cause multiple prompts to show when shutting down "worker" copies of Excel.