Version 5.5.1

January 2010

Loading Other DecisionTools Suite Add-ins

A new menu item in the Utilities menu allows you to load other Palisade DecisionTools products from within NeuralTools.

NeuralTools Now Appears in Excel's Add-in List

You have always been allowed to add NeuralTools add-in (NeuralTools.xla) to the Excel add-ins list so it will automatically load every time Excel starts.  However, this process was difficult because it required you to browse for the correct file.  Now, NeuralTools will automatically appear in the add-ins list (unchecked) the first time you launch it, making it easier to access.

Language Switching Does Not Require Administrator Permissions

If you have installed more than one language version of NeuralTools on a machine, you can now switch the active language (via the Application Settings) even if you do not have administrator rights.

A Selection of Significant Maintenance Fixes

5847 Progress dialog could not be minimized when neural net training was paused

5890 Problems navigating the net selection dialog using keyboard

5977 Error unloading NeuralTools when file with NeuralTools macros was open

6191 Error if user entered disjoint range in Data Set Manager dialog

6351 Pressing F1 key when NeuralTools dialogs were displayed showed Excel help instead of NeuralTools help