Version 5.7.0

September 2010

Support for 64-bit Excel

Starting with version 5.7, NeuralTools is compatible with the 64-bit version of Microsoft Excel.

Support for Simplified Chinese

Starting with version 5.7 NeuralTools is available in Simplified Chinese.

.NET Framework 2.0

NeuralTools was converted to use .NET Framework 2.0.  Previous versions used .NET Framework 1.1.

Live Prediction Faster

Live Prediction cells update many times faster in this version when independent values change.  For example, in Auto Loans with Solver.xls the Live Prediction cells update multiple times during the Solver run.  As a result of this performance upgrade Solver is more than 10 times faster with this example.

Maintenance Fix

Fixed #7182 Eliminated error that occurred if Escape key was pressed while a report was being generated.