Version 6.2.0

August 2013

Russian Language Support

Version 6.2 software now is localized for Russian, in addition to the previously available English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.  

Note: Only the Russian software and a subset of the examples have been localized.  Help files and other documentation files are not available in Russian at this time.

New XDK Functionality and Documentation

The NeuralTools Excel Developer’s Kit (XDK) has been updated to include new a new “Automation Guide” and a large number of new examples to help you get started using this powerful feature.

Other Changes of Note

Graphics Server removed from installation

This was a third-party component from Graphics Server Technologies, contained in a file named graphs32.ocx.  That company no longer supports this component.  It was removed from NeuralTools and DecisionTools Suite installers.  NeuralTools now uses Palisade's own graphing engine instead.

Check for Software Updates

This feature has been streamlined to no longer use the “FlexConnect” utility.

Support for IPv6

The Palisade licensing system now has support for networks running IPv6.

Localized Palisade Server Manager

The Palisade Server Manager, which is a utility for managing concurrent or enterprise licenses of Palisade software, can now be installed in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.

A Selection of Significant Maintenance Fixes

6733 Number formatting of progress graph labels sometimes did not correspond to selected regional setting.

10594 With 64-bit Excel 2010, using the Back button in the Training dialog sometimes caused the Training dialog to disappear behind the Excel window.