Version 5.5.0

May 2009

Version 5.0.1 released in May 2008

Constraint Solver

The Constraint Solver feature has been added, enhancing Evolver's ability to handle complex sets of model constraints.

Evolver Developer Kit

Complete documentation for the Developer Kit was provided in this version.  Also, a backwards compatibility layer was made available so that macros you have written using the Evolver 4.0 macro control language will continue to function.

Maintenance Fixes

3606 Cannot use Arrow keys or CTRL arrow keys in all Excel references selectors

3782 Missing descriptions in Developer Kit Manual in Method, Properties, Members, etc.

3925 Constraints described without sheet names in Summary Report

3929 Selecting reports other than only Summary causes reports workbook to be hidden by original workbook

3961 Summary Report: incorrect display of time spans longer than 24 hours

3962 Mistype Sheet name in Evolver Settings Formula True field brings up Update Values (save as) screen many times

3999 Optimization Summary: incorrect percent change amount for progress stopping condition

4023 MacroControl.xls example should not have fixed seed

4055 Settings outside selected tab in Optimization Settings dialog don't get validated

4060 Cannot use macros from another workbook that has spaces in name

4064 After adding range and adding/editing group, grid scrolls back to beginning

4065 Bad handling of formulas in adjustable cell min/max ranges

4066 Bad handling of formulas and adjustable cells in simple constraint min/max specification

4071 Error after deleting cells with adjustable cell min/max values

4072 Error after typing non-numeric value in cell specifying adjustable cell min/max

4074 Error after deleting constrained range specified in Simple Entry Style constraint

4075 Errors after deleting min/max ranges specified in Simple constraint

4076 Errors after deleting range referred to in Formula constraint

4077 Errors after deleting range referred to in stopping formula

4092 Clicking on cell while entering formula deletes existing text