Version 5.7.0

September 2010

Support for 64-bit Excel

Starting with version 5.7, Evolver is compatible with the 64-bit version of Microsoft Excel.

Support for Simplified Chinese

Starting with version 5.7 Evolver is available in Simplified Chinese.

Faster Log Generation

Writing the log to Excel after optimization can take a significant amount of time with many thousands of trials to log.  In this version it takes about half as long as in the previous version.

Mutation and Crossover Rates Can Be Changed Programmatically during Optimization

The MutationRate and CrossoverRate properties (part of the Developer Kit interface) can now be used to change the values of these rates during optimization.  (In the previous version those values could be changed through the Watcher, but not programmatically.)

Duplicate Testing

In an attempt to increase the Population’s diversity Evolver now, in certain circumstances, keeps a list of all solutions generated and tries not to generate solutions that have already been tested.  This does not apply to solutions in the initial Population, just those generated after the solutions in the initial Population have all been evaluated.  This feature is used if and only if there are no non-integer adjustable cells.  This means that if there are any non-integer adjustable cells (which can only be specified with "recipe" and "budget" solving methods), then the duplicate testing is not performed.  Note that duplicate solutions can still be generated, since Evolver tries to generate unique solutions, but if it cannot find one within a limited number of tries it goes ahead and uses a duplicate.

Maintenance Fix

7126 Clicking Stop button did not bring up the Stopping Options with some optimizations that were set up with the Developer Kit.