How do I use Undo?

The important aspect to understand when dealing with "undos" is that some manipulations that you will do to your map will be part of Excel's capabilities, while other manipulations are part of BigPicture's capabilities.

If you have made changes to the formatting of a shape, font, image, etc. you will be able to utilize Excel's standard Undo/Redo commands located in the top left corner of Excel.

If you have added/removed/moved topics, connectors, boundaries, custom shapes, etc. you will utilize the Undo/Redo options in the Undo drop down menu located in the BigPicture ribbon.

This capability also allows you to Undo an Auto Arranged map if you decide that you don't like the default way BigPicture arranges your preexisting map when you select Auto Arrange from the BigPicture ribbon.

NOTE: The collapsing/expanding functionality of BigPicture is not included in the list of operations that are able to be undone.

Undo for Excel Commands

Click on the Excel Undo icon after you have executed a standard Excel command, such as changing the color or format of a topic.

Note: You can also use the shortcut Ctrl+Z to undo an Excel command.

Undo for Excel Commands

Undo for BigPicture


Click on the BigPicture Undo button in the BigPicture ribbon to undo a BigPicture action. The Undo button on the BigPicture ribbon will be enabled when BigPicture Undo is available.

Note: BigPicture Undo is only available for "free-form" maps.  Auto-generated maps, such as Data Maps and Org Charts, do not have BigPicture Undo.  The structure and content of these maps is controlled by BigPicture.  If you want to change the structure or content of these maps, you should change the original data set or dialog settings and regenerate the map. Auto-generated maps, however, can use Excel's Undo whenever it is applicable.

Undo for BigPicture